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Storm Damage Repair

No matter how beautiful your home is, a single storm can cause severe damage to the structure. While it pays to use the most durable materials during the construction, you can’t deny the fact that strong wind can destroy even those houses made of concrete and steel. Storms happen, and you can’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, there are ways to minimize the damage and deal with the aftermath. The home improvement specialists at Trend Construction Inc. are here to provide the information, tips, and repair services you need.

Stay Safe

When heavy rains pour down and strong winds hit your house, all you have to do is stay inside and keep your family safe. Your safety remains the priority. While waiting for the storm to pass, be sure to secure your insurance coverage and other important documents. You can use them later when you file for a claim.

Call the Professionals

When the storm is gone and the weather starts to get better, it’s time to roam around your premises and assess the condition of your home. Check for missing tiles, broken glass, and other evidence of structural damage. Be careful, though, and watch out for falling debris. The best way to find out how much damage the storm caused is to hire professionals. Our team at Trend Construction Inc. will perform a thorough assessment and provide reliable storm damage repair in MN. We’ll inspect every part of your home to find out which needs repair and which calls for replacement.

As part of our storm damage repair service, we’ll provide you with a plan that includes all the repair works we’re more likely to perform. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you can restore or even improve your home’s original look. We can use the materials of your choice or recommend products from brands we know and trust. We carry a range of roofing products, meaning we can provide the right materials for your property. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Storm damage assessment
  • Repair and replacement of roofing materials
  • Cleaning and restoration of damaged areas
  • Removal of leaves and other debris from roofs and gutters
  • Leak repair

We use high quality materials and reliable tools to make sure every repair job is done efficiently and professionally. We ensure everyone’s safety by providing protective gear and keeping the work area clean. We strive to complete the project on time so you can enjoy your newly renovated home immediately.

File for an Insurance Claim

We’ll state in detail the estimated cost of renovation so you can prepare all the requirements and file for a claim. We work with multiple insurance companies to make the process easier. We’ll guide you every step of the way to make sure you’ll get the compensation you deserve. Browse our Insurance page for more information.

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