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About Window Installation

Let Trend Construction Inc. install your new windows to provide your home with a new look. We offer a full range of window options to help you create a better living space. Our branded windows will look great in your property. We’ll assist you in choosing the best type of window for your Minnesota or Wisconsin home today.

We source our windows from the leading local and global manufacturers. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of the windows we supply and install. Our products include:

  • Sliding Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Fixed Windows
  • Hopper Windows

We can install windows made of your choice of materials. Whether you’re looking for wood, fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl replacement windows, we can meet your needs.

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Wood Windows

Available in different shapes and styles, wood windows lend a traditional look and feel to your home. These are good insulators, preventing the transmission of hot and cold temperature from the outside. This helps you maintain a comfortable indoor environment and makes your home more energy efficient. With proper installation and regular maintenance, wood windows will provide the long lasting beauty and value you’re looking for.

Vinyl Windows

Made from impact and weather resistant materials, vinyl windows are an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a long-term home improvement solution. More people are choosing vinyl replacement windows because these are durable, less costly, and energy efficient. These require little maintenance – there’s no need for repainting or refinishing. With a vast range of style and color options, you’re sure to find vinyl windows that will work best for every room in your home.

Vinyl Clad

Vinyl clad windows combine the elegance of traditional wood and the durability of vinyl. The vinyl coated wood frame is resistant to extreme temperatures and offers maximum insulating benefits, keeping your home warm during winter and cool during summer. Our vinyl clad windows are available in multiple colors and finishing options to match your home décor.

Aluminum Clad

These windows feature a wood frame coated with aluminum. The metal serves as a protective barrier that prevents outside temperature from seeping through the frame and entering the room. You can paint the wood frame with any color to complement your interior design. The same is true with the exterior coating. Aluminum cladding is virtually maintenance free and offers maximum protection from weather.

Fiberglass Windows and Window Frames

Modern technology paved the way for manufacturers to create durable, low maintenance fiberglass window frames. The material does not crack, peel, or warp over time and is resistant to insects, weather, and other elements. The frame expands and contracts very little when temperatures change. When you choose fiberglass windows, you’ll have the option to add a wood veneer on the interior. This allows you to enjoy the warmth, beauty, and durability of both materials.

Let the experts from Trend Construction Inc. take care of your window installation project in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Contact us today to get a free quote or schedule a consultation.